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If you could add one thing to Marion County, what would it be?

Selected answers from visitors to our booth of the Marion County Fair last week:

“Some kind of industry that would create or bring a minimum of 300 jobs to this area.”

— Mike Gardner

“More people moving in. More jobs. Anything that offers a job.”

— Chris Sprowls

“Roads. The roads are obnoxious here. I about flipped the car on Remington.”

— Therese Silhan


— Melissa Stuchlik

“A landfill.”

— Dale Dalke

“A baby pool at the swimming pool.”

— Andy Wray

“A new mayor for Hillsboro.”

— Elaine Coach

“Colorado weather.”

— Marlene Kroeherer

“Clothing store or an indoor pool.”

— Donna Dalke

“Unity among city and county leaders.”

— Greg Davidson

“A gambling place.”

— Bonnie Rindt

“A drive-in movie theater.”

— Kelli Savage


— Ed Silhan

“Better fire protection.”

— Darlene Jost

“A snow cone place.”

— Caleb Rempel

“Probably a Wal-Mart.”

— Joyce Ellen

“A beach, the ocean.”

— Peggy Goertzen

“More stuff for children to do. Like a big brother big sister program.”

— Erica Williams

“Train service.”

— Karen Wiebe

“A recreation center for disabled kids in Marion County.”

— Jessica Tijerina

“A nice sit down restaurant.”

— Sharon Deuhr

“I would like a Dairy Queen in Hillsboro.”

— Jenny Abrahams

“A free candy parade every week.”

— Emily Silhan

“A Wal-Mart.”

— Tina Spencer

“Better road in the northern part of the county.”

— Alex Hajek

“A spaceport.”

— Ben Steketee

Last modified Aug. 5, 2010