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Information in lawsuit, report taken out of context, Madwick says

A lawsuit against Dan Madgwick and a story about the lawsuit in the Oct. 30 Hillsboro Free Press both lack proper context, Madgwick said Oct. 30.

Alteca Ltd., which seeks an injunction prohibiting Madgwick from opening a food forensics lab competing with his former employer, quoted an article in the Sept. 4 Marion County Record in its initial petition.

Madgwick said the company took information from the article out of context. For example, he said his interest in opening a craft brewery as a side business would be a project for several years down the road, when his main business is well established.

The Free Press story said Madgwick denied much of the information in the Record’s article in his response to the lawsuit. On Oct. 30, Madgwick said denying allegations is a standard part of the litigation process. He said there was nothing factually wrong in the Record’s Sept. 4 article.

Madgwick said CiboTech’s opening is on hold pending the litigation.

Last modified Oct. 31, 2013