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Intangibles tax return due April 15

Tax assesses income from interest, stocks, and bonds

Staff writer

Marion County voters ended the countywide intangibles tax in a November 2008 election, and the change goes into effect this year.

Intangibles tax is collected on gross earnings from savings accounts, stocks, bonds, accounts receivable, and mortgages, according to a mailing from Kansas Department of Revenue.

With a 0.75 percent intangibles tax in 2008, Marion County received $52,189, corresponding to nearly $7 million of taxable earnings.

However, some county residents will owe city or township intangibles tax.

The City of Goessel has a 2.25 percent intangibles tax, and the City of Peabody has a 1.125 percent tax. Fairplay Township taxes 1.125 percent on intangibles; while Menno, Peabody, and West Branch townships each tax 2.25 percent.

In 2008, Goessel received $3,789 from intangibles tax, while Peabody received $3,169. Fairplay Township received $165; Menno Township, $2,144; Peabody Township, $3,799; and West Branch Township, $3,115.

Residents owing $5 or more of intangibles tax must file Form 200 with the Marion County Clerk’s Office by April 15. The forms previously were filed with Kansas Department of Revenue, but that changed beginning with 2010.

Processing the forms will not create much more work for county employees, but employees answered many calls Jan. 6 prompted by postcards mailed by the state, County Clerk Carol Maggard said.

Form 200 is available from Kansas Department of Revenue’s Web site, Forms also are available at Marion County Courthouse.

Last modified Jan. 14, 2010