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Japanese healing techniques are in Marion

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The human touch can be soothing, relaxing, and even healing. Massage therapy has become a recognized form of medical treatment but there’s another treatment that isn’t as common that has been around for centuries, and is sometimes used by massage therapists today.

Reiki (pronounced rake-ee) is a Japanese healing technique to balance energy flow throughout the body.

“Rei” means God’s wisdom and “Ki” means life force energy.

Karen Wheeler, advanced registered nurse practitioner with Marion Family Physicians, presented information Thursday to St. Luke Hospital Auxiliary members.

Reiki is performed by placing hands on a person and reconnecting the person’s energy flow.

It is based on the idea that the physical body has an emotional and energy flow around it and throughout it. Disease is a result of interruption of the flow of energy. As with traditional medicine, there are no guarantees of cure because the person will experience what God intends for them to live through.

“This is used to treat any condition,” Wheeler said. “Blocked energy can cause diseases. The person’s energy will put the healing energy where it needs to go.”

A client lies down, completely clothed, and listens to relaxing music. While the client relaxes, the practitioner sends positive energy to the client through the placing of hands or mentally.

Sessions usually last 45 to 60 minutes and costs can vary.

There are four levels of practitioners — I, II, III, and master. Level I is direct hands-on healing where a practitioner can treat herself and others. Wheeler is a level II practitioner and has learned to send energy to clients, even from a distance.

Wheeler said some massage therapists at St. Luke Integrated Health Clinic practice reiki and the method is becoming more accepted by traditional medicine and health insurance companies.

Last modified April 15, 2010