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Join me

Can you hear it? Listen closely. It’s in the air. There. Did you hear that?

It’s optimism.

We remember our dear friend “Optimism.” The last time we saw “Optimism,” most of us knew our paychecks would cover our living expenses with even a little leftover.

We filled our gas tanks when we wanted to and not when we had the money.

It was a time when banks were willing to give us loans for homes and cars, or a quick note to get us through a tough stretch without much fanfare.

It was when we could afford to “play” on the weekends, took family vacations, and when nighttime came, we slept well — every night — looking forward to the next day.

Ah, Optimism. How we have missed you.

Tuesday was the first day of 1,440 difficult days (the next four years) for President Barack Obama. He is going to need all of our prayers and support to get us through this troubled time but if anybody can do this, I believe it could be him.

There have been other presidents faced with similar strife. Abraham Lincoln had a Civil War on his hands and FDR had the Great Depression. These ordinary men led this country through extraordinary times, making this nation stronger.

Mr. Obama can do this if we support him. We have to. We need to work together for a common cause — strengthening this nation from border to border, from Wall Street to Main Street, and neighborhood to neighborhood.

Let us move forward and look to the future with hope instead of fear.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

— Susan BerG

Last modified Jan. 21, 2009