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Keep advertising

Times are tough. We all know it. We constantly hear it from the media and we can see it.

It seems everyone is cutting back. Employee numbers or hours are being reduced. Some store shelves remain empty when inventory has been sold.

However, it is interesting to note that research has shown that when times are the toughest, businesses have a better chance of surviving if they advertise — keeping their names out there. Unfortunately, advertising sometimes is the first thing a business will cut.

It is important for businesses to remind customers of their products and services. People are being more selective when it comes to purchases. They are trying to find the best deal for their hard-earned money but if they don’t know what local businesses have to offer, then consumers are likely to order online or purchase out-of-town.

Yes, these are tough times and they will get tougher before they get better but if we all hang on together, supporting each other, then we have a better chance of surviving.


Last modified March 5, 2009