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Lake aiming for marshmallow world record

News editor

Marion County will attempt to set a world record for the number of people toasting marshmallows around a single fire later this year, Marion County Park and Lake Superintendent Steve Hudson said Monday.

In June 2011, a ferocious windstorm knocked countless limbs out of trees in Marion and at the county lake. Much of the debris at the lake made its way to a pile south of the lake, where it still sits.

Hudson and Marion County Commission had previously joked about burning the pile and using it to cook hotdogs or marshmallows. Hudson followed up on the joke by contacting Guinness World Records about attempting to break the record for people toasting marshmallows around a single fire, and he found out there is no existing record.

Hudson is planning to have the record-setting campfire on March 24, with a goal of 1,000 people participating.

He has made inquiries with marshmallow companies about sponsoring the event. To meet Guinness standards, the attempt will need one supervisor for every 50 people. Lake resident Gordon Pendergraft immediately volunteered to be a supervisor.

Hudson plans to contact area schools, clubs, and other organizations to recruit toward his goal of 1,000 participants.

“It’s a way to turn a bad thing into a good thing,” Hudson said.

Last modified Jan. 12, 2012