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Lake residents object to long-term camping

Staff writer

A crowd of lake residents had their say Monday about a suggestion to develop long-term campsites south of a low water bridge at Marion County Lake.

The idea was first brought up a week ago at a county commission meeting, with no decision being made.

The residents said a different area would be better than the one discussed last week.

Resident Doug Heerey said he was opposed to long term camping in that area of the lake. It is popular with wildlife, he said.

He recommended a different area be used for long-term camping.

Randy Moon, who lives with his fiancé at 34 Lakeshore Dr., a home they purchased because they wanted to live at the lake, urged commissioners to consider those who live in the area.

“I wanted to point out a few alternatives if this does become a topic of discussion,” Moon said.

Moon said camp sites could be developed near the lake office.

Moon said he remembered commissioners discussed making better use of the area around the office, and nothing has been done about that. That might be a better area to focus on, he said.

Moon said also Marion’s VFW has campsites for long-term rental.

If something were going to be changed at the lake, the often-used lake hall would be a good place to start, Lori Heerey said.

“The lake is just awesome the way it is,” she said.

Commissioners thanked them for coming to express their views. Last week’s discussion was preliminary, not a matter commissioners made a decision about.

Last modified Dec. 9, 2020