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Larsen returns to full-time EMS duty in Hillsboro

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Longtime county paramedic Larry Larsen returned to full-time duty the first of this month and is assigned to the Hillsboro ambulance station.

Larsen was one of two full-time and one part-time employees hired at the same time, emergency medical service director Ed Debesis said. Another, Jason Nelson from Goddard, also has started work. The third will not begin duties until June.

Larsen began as a volunteer at Peabody in June 1987 and has continued since, “with the exception of about five months when I was terminated by the previous commission, and then I was rehired by the commission,” Larsen said.

Larsen’s temporary termination came during a period of contention within the department. He was terminated in October 2015, then reinstated in February 2016. His termination was in response to allegations of endangering a patient and sexual improprieties made by Brandy McCarty, who directed the service at the time but resigned a month later.

Debesis said Larsen was cleared of all allegations.

Larsen also works for Lifeteam, which also employs Debesis, and will continue those duties. He’s been with the air ambulance service out of Hutchinson eight years.

In addition, he teaches continuing education classes for emergency medical technicians, nurses, and paramedics .

“I plan on teaching all the EMS crews the advanced medical stuff as Ed wishes,” Larsen said. “We all have to have continuing education to maintain our licenses.

“I’m very thrilled that I’m working for Marion County EMS on a full-time basis to help the people of the county. I’m sad that I can no longer volunteer at Peabody.”

Debesis said EMS now has 10 paramedics, seven of whom are full-time, and 58 EMTs and first responders.

Marion and Hillsboro stations each have six staff members who work a 24-hour shift followed by two days off.

Last modified Jan. 11, 2018