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Let's hear it for teachers who love to teach

It was really refreshing when I went to Marion Elementary School last Wednesday to take pictures of students beginning another year.

Parents were excited about their children’s new school year. Children were anxious, and mostly excited, about embarking on a new experience.

And the teachers. Every teacher I met was excited. I could tell they had looked forward to this day for a while.

“I couldn’t sleep last night,” second-grade teacher Ginger Becker said.

The same atmosphere was at the middle and high schools — teachers wanting to be back in school, teaching our children and grandchildren.

Middle schoolers had a day at the pool with faculty and staff.

The high school went so far as to have a “rock band” of teachers performing for the students. The teens ate it up, getting into the performance.

I know teachers in our other districts throughout the county have the same attitudes. We are fortunate to have smaller school districts with teachers who sincerely care about our kids.

How great is that!


Commission Chairman Randy Dallke had an interesting idea at Monday’s meeting. He suggested the county consider using the entire jail building as a jail and move personnel to a different building.

The feasibility of a plan like that isn’t known but good for him for thinking outside of the box.


Isn’t it interesting that as we get older we want to acquire things from our past? Collections of dolls or trucks often are sought by those of us over 40.

What are we going to do with these items when we find them? Probably box them up and put them away somewhere.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year at my house — at least for me. Fall is approaching which can only mean one thing — football!

I am such a football nut. I love it all; I watch whatever games I can.

My favorite pro team is the Chiefs. I grew up with the Chiefs; we lived near Kansas City and my mother was from the city. So, naturally I was a Chief’s fan.

I’ll never forget watching Hank Stram lead my team to a Super Bowl victory in 1969.

I’ve been hopeful ever since.

— susan berg

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