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To the editor

Lost purse returned

To the editor:

Recently, some Hillsboro residents took time and effort to get one lady’s lost purse back to the rightful person.

When we returned to our home near Goessel after stopping at a Hillsboro restaurant, I immediately realized my purse was not with me. We immediately turned around in hope that an honest person would turn it in. That is exactly what they had done.

As we headed back to Hillsboro, we were anxious. We could hardly get there soon enough.

My speed and the anxious look on my face must have given away why I was in such a rush. An employee who had sat down for a break and seemed to know exactly what I was coming for was already halfway out of his seat, with his words coming fast out of his mouth.

“Are you the lady who left the purse — the white purse?” he asked.

Other employees called for the manager and chimed in with the good news that we had found each other.

Soon, happy faces showed gratitude that the lost had found each other. Although most of the other customers hardly noticed our situation, there were smiles all around.

As for me, I quickly checked that the important items were still in my purse, and everything was well.

Thank you for the restaurant employees who were right there with their help, with smiles and well wishes for me and my husband.

Verda Wedel

Last modified May 24, 2017