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At a crossroads

To the editor:

I normally don’t get involved in politics — I vote my conscience and call that my part. Now, I see something happening in the United States that makes me want to speak out.

We are at a crossroads in the U.S. We can choose to stick with a president that has proven over the past 3½ years that he supports our constitution, the Second Amendment, protecting our borders, a strong military, the value of every life, especially the pre-born, fair trade with China, our police, and the American way. He has restored respect for the United States around the world. He has earned three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

President Donald Trump may be a little rough around the edges and sometimes too outspoken but he has the best interests of the United States of America at heart.

President Trump is not a politician. He owes no political group any favors. He is a business man. That is one reason why our economy is prospering.

My ancestors came to the United States from Germany via Russia to get away from oppressive governments. Dictatorships did not work then and they do not work now.

Maybe I am preaching to the choir in Marion County, but this newspaper goes all over the U.S.A. Let’s preserve our nation for our grandkids. Don’t let the Left Wing ruin our country by making the most radical changes they have planned and taking away even more of our rights and freedoms.

And let’s elect Roger Marshall to the Senate to help continue President Trump’s work to keep America great.

God bless the U.S.A., President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence!

Steve Krispense, Marion

Last modified Oct. 7, 2020