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To the editor

Band drowned out

To the editor:

When the paper writes its glowing report on the Casey Donahew Band, be sure to mention how they did their sound check while my band, The Alternates, played our set.

We worked hard on getting the music together for Chingawassa Days and were just drowned out.

They sound checked every instrument. Then the whole band played a few songs.

I guess we are just the local band and don’t matter as much as the big shot headliners who can do whatever they want, and I’m not writing this to trash the Casey Donahew Band. They sounded good, but they could have used some more of those Texas manners they talk about

I know they are good ol’ boys who love their mommas and Jesus and drive pickups down dirt country roads, but they didn’t show a whole lot of class.

A person listening to us went up to them and told them they were drowning out our performance. The person playing said he was just doing his job. He refused to quit playing or even turn down.

I don’t know if this was the fault of the band or someone told them to do their sound check while we were playing.

I am just venting my frustration over the thing.

I am sure the Casey Donahew Band was paid thousands of dollars to play here.

We got $50 apiece — not real supportive of local musicians.

Our band name was even misprinted as “The Alternative’s” on the official Chingawassa Days schedule. That aside, I wonder who had the Casey Donahew Band sound check on our time.

—Galen Obermeyer
guitarist for The Alternates

Last modified June 17, 2015