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Banning abortion

To the editor:

As we enter the final month before we vote on the “Value Them Both” amendment that will allow the state once again to regulate the abortion industry in Kansas, I would like to make a few points about the misinformation being spread by those that feel they have the right to kill unborn children and the abortion industry.

The amendment does not outlaw abortions. It allows our state legislators to ensure that women and parents are properly informed about what abortion entails and proper safeguards are in place as required in any other medical procedure.

It recognizes that the victim is in fact a human being — as medical science (and God) has stated — and deserves to be treated as such and not as a piece of trash to be dumped in a landfill.

As a side note, up to 90% of women considering an abortion change their minds after seeing an ultrasound image of their unborn child. Is this why abortionists don’t want women to see one?

One of the major pro-abortion themes is that victims of rape or incest can’t kill their unborn child. These cases represent less than 1% of abortions nationwide, and there appears to be no laws banning abortions for these cases in our state, so this is a red herring.

Planned Parenthood research estimates up to 100,000 abortions a year in our state if the amendment doesn’t pass. That is a lot of money on the table.

If they really cared about women, why don’t they provide post-abortion counseling services for women that realize they have killed their child?

Just because a person is poor or hadn’t planned to have a child doesn’t mean that child won’t be loved. Each abortion kills a human being, which in the long run would be part of your legacy, long after you are gone along with any money or properties you left behind.

Future generations of engineers, doctors, teachers, welders, farmers etc. would have been lost. So why not spend money on preventing unplanned pregnancies, or helping families in need?

Will our legacy be more than 100,000 unborn children killed each year in the State of Kansas or will we be recognized as a state that values both women and their unborn child?

That is the question that should be considered when voting on Aug. 2 on the “Value Them Both” amendment.

Ken Stuchlik, rural Marion

Last modified July 14, 2022