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Issue isn’t as it seems

To the editor:

Please study up on the very important amendment to the Kansas Constitution if you care for the lives of your wives, daughters, and granddaughters.

What right-wing conservative Republicans have kept quiet is that a “yes” vote on this amendment hands over control of abortion to the conservative branch of government in Topeka.

There is a far greater chance of them enacting a law outlawing all abortions, without any exceptions for risk to a mother’s life, then doing away with any of more than 20 restricted abortion laws on the books at the present time.

When a TV station aired an abortion debate last week, a woman representing the “yes” vote on the Value Them Both Amendment was asked what would happen to girls and women who are raped, victims of incest and those that require medical abortions to save their lives.

The woman kept repeating the same statement over and over about the laws restricting abortions being done away with if the amendment doesn’t pass and wouldn’t answer his question.

This is the same for the lawmakers in Topeka who fail to state what they plan to do if this amendment is added to the constitution.

Several hospitals in Texas have delayed medical care because they are afraid of being sued if they perform an abortion to save a mother’s life because she became septic from infection.

In one case, a central Texas hospital reportedly told a physician not to treat an ectopic pregnancy until it ruptures, creating a substantial risk for the patient’s future reproductive ability and posing serious risk to the patient’s immediate physical wellbeing.

There is no guarantee that the conservative Republicans in power in Topeka will protect victims of rape and incest.

A child as young as 10 or 11 should not be forced to give birth to a baby when their bodies are not ready for this.

If you really value and want to protect the women of Kansas, vote “no” on the Value Them Both amendment.

Barbara and Joe Tajchman
rural Marion

Last modified July 20, 2022