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to the editor

Lake improvements noted

To the Editor:

The article “County Lake Debate Sours’ in last week’s paper deserves a response. As lake property owners for more than 30 years, and full-time residents for 13 years, we have seen many changes; some that we perceive as very good, and others not so much.

It appears now, however that the loudest 15 or so voices are gaining some attention and they need to be balanced just a bit.

Our lake experience has not been, and is not now negative.

What Dianne Novak quotes as “10 years of neglect’” we see as 10 years of gradual improvement, completed with insufficient numbers of staff and nowhere near the dollars deserved.

Poorly maintained docks have been removed; campsites have been added; disk golf added; tennis courts and shuffleboard revived; boat rentals are available; the beach is now maintained with docks; a bandstand is in place with scheduled activities; and the list could go on and on.

The lake and county-owned lands around the lake are in much better shape since Steve Hudson arrived than they were 10 years ago. Doesn’t mean we don’t need a lot more — just that we need to keep this in perspective.

Our taxes (admittedly much higher than others in the county) should pay for more staff, and improved upkeep at the lake. Our roads need a lot of work; and limbs floating in the water are a danger to all. Fishermen on the water love the trees at the shoreline – and fishermen on the shore wish they weren’t there; which just proves that we will never please everyone. 

Let’s begin, again, with honest, respectful communication, and attempt to work toward compromise instead of division.

Kathi Beeton
Marion County Lake

Last modified April 13, 2017