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Legislative race

To the editor:

John Barker is a strong voice for Marion County. Whether it be county, city/town, or individual issues, he has listened and delivered.

When I think of other county elected officials such as clerk, treasurer or sheriff, I think of qualities such as experience, professional, integrity, and a drive to serve. When it comes to legislators, why not apply the same standard?

Rep. Barker has a lifelong proven track record of leadership as a veteran, farmer, judge, and community leader.

A critical issue for Marion County is the increasing traffic to Pilsen to visit Father Kapaun’s home.

Rep. Barker coordinated a meeting with the secretary of Kansas Department of Transportation, Sen. Wilborn, Rep. Barker, and Marion County to explore options and opportunities for the state to partner in those projects.

He also has made legislative plans with the Transportation Committee and House and Senate leadership to provide vital financial assistance.

When there are proposals in Topeka to put extra burdens on the counties, Rep. Barker is on the phone or visiting in person to get the local perspective and fight for us.

Whether it is election laws or law enforcement issues, he is in contact with county leaders. The same applies to our cities/towns and individuals.

Join me in supporting John Barker for House District 70.

David Mueller, Tampa

Last modified July 6, 2022