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On editing

To the editor:

Thank you for considering my letter for publication. I felt that it was a timely letter that addressed several issues of the day. I was disappointed that it was edited — I assume for length.

I was aware that it may not have been printed because of the length, according to the fine-print guidelines for publication. I did not see, however, that you would edit the composition.

I am disappointed in that decision. I believe you have every right to decide what you are going to publish in your newspaper. I also believe that the freedom of the press also extends to me and my “publication.”

At the very least there should be, in your guidelines for publication, a note that letters may be edited at the discretion of the newspaper and then you should so note when that has occurred.

I think this would lend your newspaper a better sense of integrity.

Daryl Enos, Marion

Editor’s Note: All letters in reputable newspapers are edited, as explained in our “masthead” (at right) each week. What was removed from the earlier letter, which was twice the desired length, were repetitive religious references tangential to the main point. No opinions were altered in any way.

Last modified June 4, 2020