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Paying our dues

To the Editor,

As a citizen of the United States I have an obligation to pay my fair share of taxes on the money I earn to pay for the services and benefits of living in this country.

I have paid taxes for over 55 years, even a small amount of withholding as a dishwasher at St Luke Hospital, my first job at $0.65 an hour. Now I am astounded to find out that a rich man like our President Donald Trump has barely paid any income tax for the last 20 years but has enjoyed a life of private jets, gold toilets and penthouse apartments.

My late father volunteered to serve in the Army in 1945 after graduating from high school at 17 years old. He was part of the occupation army stationed in Japan and Korea. He also worked and paid his income taxes to support the country that he loved and served.

In the eyes of Donald Trump, both my father and me are suckers and losers — first for paying taxes to support and defend the United States and provide the services that the citizens need, and in my father’s case, to have volunteered to serve his country during a time of war.

Harry E. Bennett
Madison, Wisconsin

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