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To the editor:

It was 35 years ago that we moved from a big city to a small town, Peabody, to escape the crime, etc., of Wichita and raise a family. Our home was destroyed by a fire four years ago, so we were forced to move again. Now we live in Marion.

It is shocking to see last week’s headlines: Peabody mayor quitting, chief of police quitting, two cops quitting, one drunk cop on duty won’t face DUI. That’s only part of the story, Peabody has had coaches seducing young girls, murder, thievery, drugs, alcoholism — you name it. It’s been there, done that, still doing it.

I am very sad, but Peabody is a microcosm of the country going the way of lawlessness and rebellion. Why? Because we no longer are a Christian nation.

The only way to defeat this evil that is rampantly destroying law and order is to repent of our national and personal sins.

What sins, you ask? Turning away from God and condoning a lot of what we see mentioned above. We have reaped what we have sown, and it is destroying us.

Thank God there are Bible-believing Christians still here. Come join us. The only answer is God, and He will hear our prayers for the nation and our towns and families as well.

Linda Eden, Marion

Last modified Sept. 22, 2022