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Taxes equal benefits?

To the editor:

I’m wondering if anyone has noticed the pages of tax delinquencies. If so, what impression does it give? My first thought, do they ever get collected? If not, who makes a difference?

Seems we’re being taxed more and more in the interest of additional benefits. So by paying more, do we think the benefits will be more, or does it just grow local government? If paying taxes provides such generous benefits, why are there so many delinquencies?

How does paying taxes become a benefit? It just leads to more taxes.

Think about this: Aren’t governmental benefits given to us really our responsibility? Does it tell us we are not capable of doing it for ourselves?

If we are to believe services it provides are so generous, then why not pay more and more taxes to get even more benefits? The more we pay, the greater the benefit, right?

I think what we have is a government more intent on saving itself! If the purpose of economic development is to expand the tax base and build more government, how does that encourage businesses? For example, if we vote to expand the county commission from three to five, how will that help business?

The attitude seems to be, pour money into economic development and see what happens. How about eliminating taxes, and then see what happens.

As government grows and we pay more, do we think at some point we won’t have to earn a living and the government will provide?

I prefer self-government, each one being responsible to oneself. That’s the dignity of man! Taxes are really a burden, not a benefit.

Jerry Plett, Lincolnville

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