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The death of liberty

To the editor:

We would like to say thank you to Larry Ensey for his letter last week. We wish more people would realize that we, the citizens, are on a slippery slope of losing our rights and privileges guaranteed in the United States Constitution.

If we do not stand up and declare to state governors, state legislators, and U.S. legislators that what they are doing is wrong, we could very easily lose these rights.

Instead of treating us as if we are brainless and dictating what we will do, give us the information and let us make our own decisions as to what we feel is best for ourselves and our families.

The powers that be have tanked our economy, taken many small businesses to the point of never being able to recover, and basically driven the livestock industry into the toilet all under the guise of protecting us from ourselves because we don’t have enough thought process to decide what we should orneed to do.

People need to start thinking about standing up for our rights before they are gone or minimalized forever. We need to think how easily we fell in line to do their bidding and for believing everything they told us about COVID-19.

We realize we are more than likely in the minority in regard to our opinions. We believe that if it is written in our “Book of Life” that we going to die from COVID-19, no precaution, wearing a mask, or locking ourselves in our home will prevent it from happening. Therefore, we choose to live our life as a free citizen of the United States of America making our own decisions, right or wrong!

Chuck and Gloria Seifert
rural Marion

Last modified May 14, 2020