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LETTERS: An open letter to the county commission

An open letter to the county commission

To the editor:

While sitting here at my desk overlooking Lakeshore Drive, the sweeper came by, actually twice — once each way. To say it created dust is an understatement; it was a storm. It was just one of many, and no, we are not getting used to it. It’s not desirable that windows must be closed when living on a lake.

When I questioned the process applied, I was told it would take a while for it to settle in, and there would be a “bit” of dust. We certainly have that.

I saw in last week’s newspaper that you are aware of the problem and are attempting to correct it in certain locations. I also noticed that at least one of you was concerned about the county lake. Thank you, Randy Dallke.

In my opinion, the process should have been appropriately evaluated after being used on Remington Road a few years ago — it was a total waste then, as it has been now. Remington has too much heavy traffic for that process, and it was plainly inadequate. It’s obviously a mistake to use it in some applications. I understand the budget problem, and I understand that proprieties must be set. I also understand the substantial tax base you have here at the county lake and the total lack of services we receive from the county. I mean, really, what considerations do you provide this nice tax base?

I request that you consider this and evaluate the treatment we receive. Certainly good pavement around the lake on Lakeshore Drive would be a benefit. What about one lane of “just decent” roadways in our residential areas? What about “just minimal” snow removal in those areas? What about eliminating dust for residents as well as your visitors? How about some consideration?

Charlie Dannenfelser
Marion County Lake

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