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LETTERS: Candidate receives support

To the editor:

Several weeks ago, I received a brochure from Cheryl Green concerning her bid for Kansas Legislature for the 70th District. Upon reading the brochure, I knew this is a person I would vote for.

Her first reason for entering the race is fiscal responsibility. Her second reason is to preserve Kansas values of pro-life and pro-family.

I e-mailed her and asked what I could do to help.

I have found out that the 2010 legislature passed a projected $466 million deficit budget plus as 1 percent sales tax increase which current Rep. J. Robert Brookens has voted for. She is right — that is fiscally irresponsible.

We should not be running in the red like the federal government and mortgaging our children’s future. We should decrease the state budget and pay our own bills.

Richard Reimer

Last modified July 14, 2010