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Capitol capitulation

To the editor:

As a lifetime resident of Kansas, I can’t be thankful enough for the brilliance of the current legislative body we now have in Topeka.

It would seem they are smarter about education than the educators, smarter about health care than the medical professionals, smarter about the Judicial Branch than the judges and attorneys, smarter about the environment than the scientists, and smarter about the election process than the election officials.

Whom do we have to thank for such brilliance? God, maybe the Koch family, American Legislative Exchange Council, Kansas Chamber of Commerce, or even Opportunity Solutions Project, a think tank out of Florida?

It would appear the one thing these most brilliant lawmakers cannot seem to do is write legislation. This they turn over to the high-powered, well-funded, very generous donor lobbyists.

I think I won’t be crediting God for this blessing of brilliance in Topeka and our current crop of representatives, but rather the cash cow of the often referred to as the one-percenters.

Reg Matz, Hillsboro

Last modified March 31, 2022