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LETTERS: Chain saw mentality is wrong

To the editor:

It’s a shame that the county road department continues to remove the beautiful and beneficial trees of Marion County. It took years to grow the large cottonwoods that were along the road southeast of Marion County Lake. They are gone and will no longer offer shade and beauty.

The trees along 190th Road near the bridge that goes over the South Cottonwood River have been cut and will no longer stabilize the riverbank.

What is the thought process? Are the county commissioners unable or unwilling to stop this unnecessary destruction? Kansas State University has a facility next to our courthouse. They could assist us with knowledge and advice concerning trees and their many benefits.

Regarding economic benefits, one of the best things we have going for us is the unspoiled beauty of Marion County. Tree removal is counterproductive to economic development.

Many communities have tree planting projects. Tulsa has an “Up with Trees” program that is at least 20 years old.

Here are some reasons for trees — they absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, they cool the environment, provide homes for birds and wildlife, improve community pride, reduce soil erosion, protect our watersheds, and actually conserve moisture in the soil.

So please Marion County leaders and road supervisor, put down the chain saws, and focus on patching roads.

Bob Hoopes

Last modified Jan. 27, 2010