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LETTERS: Comments in error

To the editor:

Last week I wrote a letter that was published in this paper. I would like to set the record straight, as I made some mistakes regarding the endorsements for Cheryl Green, candidate for the 70th District House of Representatives seat.

First, after the letter was sent and it was too late to change, the NRA updated their website,, with an endorsement for Green. 

Second, I mistakenly indicated that the KRA, Kansas Republican Assembly, had endorsed Democrat candidates. After being called to task on this, I retraced my research and found where I had misread information regarding their endorsements. All candidates endorsed by the KRA are Republicans.

 My sincere apologies to Green and the KRA.

Right now, the crow I am eating is not tasting so well. However, these were my mistakes, and I have an obligation to correct them. 

Again, I do apologize.

Charlie Clark

Last modified July 29, 2010