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LETTERS: Don't be hateful about lake project

To the editor:

We read the article on the lake project in the Marion County Record with disgust at the hatefulness of some people. Shame on you!

The lake is a Marion County lake not that of the homeowners who are full or part-timers.

We are so proud of Chris, Heather, Molly, and Tamra Holub. They love their hometown. They want to invest in it and help themselves, too. It sounds like a great idea — maybe more could come of this.

We have stayed in cabins on lakes in many places and remember them fondly.

We read how the “lake people” have chased people out who wanted to build good things out there.

People in Marion County, stand up and be counted. Send your “yes” to the Record or Marion County Planning Commission. Please.

Last but not least, God bless Chris, Heather, Molly, and Tamra Holub. Thank you for all you do.

Fred and Bertha Epperson

Last modified May 12, 2011