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LETTERS: Explorers enjoy Marion County

To the editor:

Recently 30 Kansas Explorer Club members from all over the state came to Marion County for one of our Group Adventures. The fun of the adventures is that we go to places not normally open to the public. We had a most tremendous time seeing Marion County with new eyes.

After starting our day with the baked sausage special at Main Street Café in Durham, we boarded the very cool Marion County Tourism Bus and went to Elm Springs, Sand Canyon, Sterling Rocks, and the springs at Sauble Ranch. A long line of cars could not have made it on these roads and the paths in the pastures. The tourism bus (and bus driver Woody Crawshaw) made the whole trip possible.

Each of these landmarks was so picturesque. From the flowing water at Elm Springs and the springs on Sauble Ranch, to the thick red sand and sandstone formations at Sand Canyon, to the huge craggy collection of flint rock at Sterling Rocks, it was an impressive array of geological features. To be able to climb all over the rocks, take pictures, and enjoy the space and peace of the country made it so appealing.

We topped off the day with a delicious steak dinner with all the trimmings at Florence’s Corral at the Mercantile. To sit and unwind in the unexpected setting of the corral and enjoy such a first-class meal made for a perfect ending.

From your natural assets to your restaurants to your people, I want you to know, Marion County, that you have one of the best day trips that Kansas can offer.

Special thanks to Teresa Huffman for planning every detail of this memorable day.

Marci Penner
Director, Kansas Sampler Foundation

Last modified Oct. 31, 2012