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LETTERS: Get involved with county decisions

To the editor:

Marion County Planning Commission will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the county lake hall. One item on the agenda is a request to allow rental cabins at the county lake.

Marion County Park and Lake was constructed for the benefit and enjoyment of all Marion County residents, not just the local residents of the lake area. Everyone in the county has an interest in the park and lake and should be involved in what happens there.

There are some in the county who do not think the cabins will be good for the park and should not be allowed to be built. Others think they will be good for the lake and the county. Too often, one of the groups seem to muster more representation than the other and thus a possible distorted opinion of the feelings of the residents surfaces, which may not be the real feelings of the majority.

I encourage each of you to make your feelings known by attending the meeting or contacting one of the commission members or zoning administrator Tonya Richards. In these matters, the commission has fairly well-defined guidelines to follow when making their decision, but public comments can provide valuable information for them to consider.

Whatever your feelings are about the cabins, you should express them to this group.

Paul White

Last modified April 28, 2011