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LETTERS: Green would fight waste

To the editor:

As my attorney, Bob Brookens helped me through the execution of my father’s estate. He is a remarkable person. However, I cannot support his vote for increased taxes for any reason.

Whenever an entity is spending someone else’s money, there is waste, fueled by corruption, greed, selfishness, and indifference. For an honest, determined political representative, waste is a tough issue to tackle. Cheryl Green seems fed up and willing.

No doubt, as Jim Crofoot pointed out in a previous letter, Bob is an independent thinker. Thinking and action are two separate activities.

Raising taxes is going along with the norm, taking the easy way out, and ignoring the reason our state has a budget crisis in the first place. Cheryl Green and her supporters are saying no to business as usual. We want to eliminate the cause of the problem. Period.

At one time in history, a common oath of office for governing officials included “to provide for the general welfare.” That system has degraded into providing for specific welfare and special interests. It’s why towns like Hillsboro can’t afford to keep up street maintenance anymore: too many ball diamonds, tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses and airports breeds too many state grants and more specific welfare programs.

Shouldn’t our communities also have public shooting and archery ranges, dog and skateboard parks, and walking and cycling paths? That’s what I’d like to see. But not public. Then I’d feel greedy and indifferent, like I’m ripping off the public for my own selfish interests. Such development projects also prevent the private sector from delving into possible markets, like a private swimming pool.

Thank God for Cheryl Green. She understands the principles of responsible government our founding fathers put in place and is trying to buck the trend.

Thank you, Bob, for setting an excellent example of how to communicate with constituents. It made me proud to know you, and I’m sorry you’ve lost my vote.

If re-elected I trust you’ll do better. For now, it looks to me like Cheryl will take your integrity one or more steps farther.

Kelly Hawkins

Last modified July 28, 2010