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LETTERS: Let's be smart in how we spend money for jail

To the editor:

County officials now have the means to finance the new jail construction. Their real work now begins as they finalize the building design. The sales tax issue provides the maximum amount to be spent on the jail. It does not set the minimum nor does it mandate that all of the tax revenue have to be spent. Less can be spent and the tax would end earlier.

Every detail of the design must be reviewed and any unnecessary items removed. This includes the large items as well as the small $5-type items. Everything must be questioned.

Do we need this many cells? Can we use 36-inch ceiling fans instead of 54-inch? Are all the offices, conference rooms, recreation areas, storage areas, restrooms, lobby area, interrogation areas, etc. needed? Does each one really need to be this big? How much are we spending on “green” items? “Green” items usually cost more than standard and are they financially justified? Do we need this many electrical outlets? Is the parking area too large? Can the window sizes be reduced? Can we get by with lower priced floor covering? Is the lighting, inside and outside, excessive? I assume the recreation room and lounge will have some gaming and video and sound equipment — do we need all of it? Can the TV size be reduced?

Everything must be reviewed and cost reductions taken. We don’t want an inadequate and inefficient building but we don’t want a luxury facility either.

Paul White

Last modified April 14, 2011