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LETTERS: Letter from former employee of the appraiser's office

To the editor:

Our experience with the county appraiser parallels others who have asked for hearings on their property value. The time allotted was spent listening to her yell about what we don’t know and what she knows.

After our being unhappy with the result of our hearing on the local level this past spring, we appealed to the state level. The Marion County appraiser presented her findings to the judge. Included in those comments were intimations that we were being dishonest about the characteristics of our property. Even though she was reading from her script in a well-modulated voice, she may as well have been yelling when accusations were being made.

We, as taxpayers, need to be asking questions about what it costs the county every time an employee in the appraiser’s office is fired or pressured to resign.

I believe there has been somewhere close to a 100 percent turnover in staff in the appraiser’s office during the past four years. Some were longtime employees who were valued by previous appraisers, and others had been hired and fired by the current appraiser.

If taxpayers are wondering why their homes go up in value each year, it’s on Ms. Magill’s orders to employees to “get the values up.” She will try to convince you it’s due to sales of comparables to your home, but is it?

It is unfortunate that many taxpayers are fearful of signing petitions that are circulating because they fear future retribution on the appraiser’s part. Hopefully the county commissioners are listening to all forms of communication.

Norma Kline, former employee of Marion County appraiser’s office

Last modified Sept. 24, 2009