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LETTERS: Letter regarding county appraiser

To the editor:

This past month has been a journey. It has been a road of principles determining wrong and right.

We believe in taxation, it’s necessary. However, we have experienced verbal and taxation abuse from the Marion County Appraiser, just as many of the Marion County residents have experienced.

We salute the businesses that made the petitions available to the public, and did not hide them in some fashion or another. We thank those individuals who accepted them, but we also recognize and understand the position one has when in local business.

Some business owners supported us verbally, but couldn’t sign the petition for obvious reasons. There were county residents who desperately wanted to sign, but didn’t, because they feared repercussions.

Many thanks go to the scores of people who signed petitions, those who sent letters, among other means of support.

This petition is justified. As of today, this is still a free country, and freedom of speech is one of our precious, inalienable rights. Our forefathers who signed the Declaration of Independence were persecuted beyond measure for standing up and speaking out. Let us learn a lesson from them.

Action is being pursued to dismiss the Marion County Appraiser. We encourage everyone interested to speak up with letters to the editor. For those who would support us privately, we request letters, this week, from county residents and taxpayers who wish to contribute grievances they have experienced with her as well.

Mail them to Gary Diepenbrock, 2953 Vista Road, Lincolnville KS 66858, or Jerry Siebert, 1365 Clover Road, Cedar Point KS 66843.

Continued county support would be greatly appreciated.

Gary Diepenbrock
Jerry Siebert

Last modified Sept. 23, 2009