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LETTERS: Moran will continue the fight

Moran will continue the fight

To the Editor:

I recently completed my 13th annual Big First Listening Tour, “From Washington to Home,” holding town hall meetings in each of the 69 counties in the First Congressional District.

I appreciated meeting with all those who took time out of their day to share their ideas and concerns with me. As a representative for our state, it is essential that I understand the issues that concern Kansans. My annual listening tour helps me accomplish this goal.

My efforts in Washington, D.C., remain much the same today as they were when I was first elected — to see that we have prosperity in the communities we call home. This has become more difficult as President Obama pursues a big-government strategy, represented by bailouts, stimulus packages, cap and trade legislation, government intervention in health care, Cash for Clunkers, and financial re-regulation.

I have voted against each of these damaging proposals because they threaten our way of life in Kansas and make it more difficult to leave things better for the next generation. I have heard Kansans’ concerns about these issues and will make sure those in our nation’s capital understand them as well.

If there were any issues that we did not get to discuss or if you were unable to attend, please contact me through my Web site at

Based on what I heard from Kansans at each town hall meeting, I will return to Washington, D.C., committed fully to fighting for what I believe is right for America.                        

Very truly yours,
Jerry Moran

Last modified Jan. 13, 2010