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LETTERS: Open letter to Rep. Bob Brookens

Please address the following House Bills under consideration in your next Legislative update:

  • House Bills 2112, 2113, and 2116 when combined will increase state property taxes by 6.5 mills. Current state property tax is 1.5 mills.
  • House Bill 2119 prohibits charging a rescue fee for accident response. This will require tax dollars to cover costs and is beneficial to insurance companies.
  • House Bill 2190 permits imposing term limits on county commissioners, which is a good idea. How about state legislators being included — a better idea?
  • House Bill 2165 eliminates corporate income tax and broadens sales tax.

I would also appreciate an update as to the steps you have taken to repeal the tax exemption on the Keystone Pipeline.

Daniel Holub

Last modified March 3, 2011