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LETTERS: Proposed jail

To the Editor:

I looked at the layout of the proposed jail and I thought, what a fancy building! Do we take pride in how we take care of lawbreakers? What about victims? Are our leaders wanting to do this to cover up their failures? What about the cost just to draw up this hotel?

Shouldn’t we be discussing what to do with this old relic of a jail? Government at every level promises this and promises that; we commit to this, we commit to do that. For what?

As for the business that helps businesses, isn’t it rather a matter of creating a climate in which businesses can prosper? Instead, government has put in place all kinds of rules, regulations, fees, and taxes that work against businesses being prosperous, growing, and creating new jobs. It’s clearly a case in which we are not allowed to be productive in our own way.

Just because the state is funding a new bridge, does that mean it’s free and doesn’t cost us anything? Does the state generate its own income? What are we getting by looking to government? Does it give us better roads, less crime, or makes things cheaper?

The more we trust government, the more we pay.

Jerry Plett

Last modified Nov. 5, 2008