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LETTERS: Report to the people of Goessel

To the editor:

In October 2009, I was asked to lend my efforts to fundraising for a water park. I do not promote or oppose it. I simply lent my business experience.

But, as is good business manner, I did a case history of a water park and concluded there is no visible or informational group getting information for people.

I have called together a citizens group to assemble data about our water wells, gallons required, and cost of water park fixtures.

This information will be presented at a public meeting where citizen can speak and ask questions. A vote of citizens then will see if they want a water park.

At this time, data has not been made available about water park fixtures that are vital to the working success of the group.

Until the people can be informed and say “yes” by election, there is no point in endorsing any fundraising activity.

Anton H. Epp

Last modified March 24, 2010