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Road fixes

To the editor:

Toward the end of last week’s public meeting on roads, I heard Commissioner Randy Dallke say, “We need to hear from you…I have only heard from 10 in my district.”

Mr. Dallke, do you not talk to your employees? If you and the rest of the commissioners were verifying each department was upholding its mission and purpose, you would know there are issues.

I would like to see the commission consider:

1. If GPS tracking is not installed on each grader, install it, along with tracking software to manage which roads have been serviced and provide an open log to residents. This would address an apparent accountability issue, and make roads management much easier.

2. Publish on the county website a bi-weekly plan of which roads are getting rock and which roads were graded. I am willing to volunteer each week to update a site. The GPS software mentioned above will do the work for the department.

3. Open discussions about moving grading responsibilities to townships.

It is pretty simple. If the commission and road and bridge superintendent are serious about gaining the trust of the people, be transparent. Put a plan out there and act on it.

In my job I am responsible for people and budget. I have to answer for every penny I spend. If I do not, I am held accountable. So should government.

Commissioners, you are the managers of the road and bridge department. You sign their paychecks.

— Josh Weiser

Last modified July 30, 2015