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LETTERS: Special interests

To the editor:

I read the James Meier letter to the editor July 14 and thought I needed to respond.

It’s clear he missed the point of Rep. Bob Brookens’ open letter to the district that he put in the June 30 paper.

Personally, I’d hope the people of this area, as well as any company or political action group that appreciates what Bob Brookens has done for us, will contribute to Bob’s campaign. I think that is quite different from what Bob talked about in his open letter.

Bob Brookens doesn’t appear upset that special-interest groups might contribute to his opponent’s campaign. Bob was alerting us to a much larger issue; those special-interest groups are doing much more.

The special-interest groups recruited opposition to any legislator who got in their way last term, and they promised to run those campaigns.

I don’t have a problem with PACs and people contributing to a candidate. I do have a problem when a special-interest group tries to run the show.

We’re now getting postcards and letters about candidates, and we can look to see who is sending them out — the candidate or a special-interest group with an agenda of their own.

Want an independent thinker who listens to you and runs his own campaign? Vote for Bob Brookens.

Jim Crofoot

Last modified July 21, 2010