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LETTERS: Supporters are not as they seem

To the editor:

As a 70th District constituent, I cannot ignore James Meiers’ letter in last week’s edition any more than he could ignore Rep. Bob Brookens’ open letter.

I do not need a government report listing supporters of the candidate when I have in my hand a very slick and expensive-looking mailer supporting Cheryl Green that prominently lists Americans for Prosperity-Kansas as sponsor of the mailer. Americans for Prosperity is a PAC. Obviously, Green has a PAC connection herself.

It is easy to list PAC contributions. The critical question is, did these donations have an influence on any official actions? I suspect that if any such influence existed, Meier would have cited it in his letter criticizing Brookens.

As for the alternate state budget that Meier noted was rejected by the legislature, we have already seen the results of one of those smoke-and-mirror balanced budgets this year. Gov. Mark Parkinson had to do the legislators’ dirty work in making the budget balance to the detriment of some of the state’s least influential and least vocal citizens.

Regarding the budget passed this session, Brookens voted for a realistic budget, for true fiscal responsibility, and for the interest of the people of the 70th District, not for political positioning and PAC support in the upcoming election.

Brookens has a successful career and is not beholden to anything or anyone other than his conscience and his constituents.

Brookens has done what he was elected to do — represent the people of the 70th District and not be intimidated by funded by special interest groups outside the district.

Leroy Wetta

Last modified July 21, 2010