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LETTERS: Tampa article appreciated

To the editor:

Thank you for the article featuring the changes on Tampa‚Äôs Main Street and the young people who care about our community.

The picture of the Rziha children with their noses pressed against the window was priceless. Your story expresses what our community is working hard to become.

Thank you, reporter Ben Kleine, for telling me that we are ahead of some towns, but I hope that all communities will strive to draw young families back to Marion County plus serve those who are here.

What can the citizens of our county do to bring employment opportunities to this area for young people?

Parents tell me that their children would like to move here to raise their families but there are no jobs available. Our son and daughter-in-law have jobs that are below their abilities and education because they choose to live on one of our family farms in southern Dickinson County. 

I need to focus on how far Tampa has come in the last 10 years and believe that we can continue that progress in the future, hoping that employment opportunities will be part of that progress. 

Carole Spohn

Last modified July 12, 2012