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Letters to Santa

Dale Wiens Goessel Elementary School third-grade class

I was the best kid this year. When did you get so fat? You should go on a diet. My sister wants new headphones and my mom wants leg warmers. I want a Spiderman toy, four-wheeler, and an XBox Elite. Beware of my cats and dogs. My dog will hurt you and my cats will jump on your head and make a mess. Is Rudolf a real reindeer? I’ll leave carrots for the reindeer and salad for Santa. Thank you for bringing me presents.

Sam Brannon

Just in case you didn’t know my house is blue, and it’s by the big park. OK, now let’s get serious. Do you wear that funny suit all the time? This time I will leave out wheat bread so that suit looks better on you and Mrs. Claus will probably like it just like I will. If Mrs. Claus is sick, do you stay home with her? What color is your house? Do you snore at night like some people do? Oh, I all most forgot to tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a coloring book, markers, iPod, guitar, new shoes, posters, and a new bike. I can’t live with out that. Can you give my mom some candles and my little brother some cars for Christmas? Merry Christmas.

Faith Bray

I’d like to ask you some questions. Not to be mean, but is your whole family fat like you? When you get to my house don’t waste the reindeer’s energy landing on my roof because there is no chimney. Also, don’t come in the front door because my mom and dad are in the room next to the front door. Please come in back door. I have been super duper. I would like an iPod, Lamborghini, Nintendo DS, Mustang, and a pet lion. Will you please get my sisters a doll? Get my mom chocolate, my dad cop movies, and my brother toy cars. Is Rudolf still in front of the sleigh? I am going to leave you a banana because you need to go on a diet. Remember, come in the back door. Thank you for being my friend.

Nathaniel Dudte

Hey Santa, I just thought you might want to know what my house looks like. It’s John Deere colors, you know, green and yellow. Last year I gave you three kinds of cookies. This year I am going to leave you one kind of cookie. My behavior was like this: funny, really funny, a tease, and very helpful. Do you have any brothers? OK, here’s the deal. I’ve got a cousin and she’s my best friend. She NEEDS a Polly Pocket. I’m sure she is laughing. I want a Polly Pocket as well and a DS game called Style Lab Jewelry Design. How do your reindeer fly? Did you go to school when a child was? Anyway, I thought I’d call you by your real name, Saint Nick. Thank you for presents in the past year.

Layci Froese

Would you please give Zackary some spikes? He would really like that. When did you notice that Rudolf’s nose started glowing? Is he small? How much do you weigh? Do you have cats or dogs? I have two dogs so beware. My house is tan and I have four cars. I think I will leave you some banana pudding. It is healthy for you.

Megan Guerrero

Do your elves go crazy some times? Are the elves part of your family. Santa I have been very good this year. Wait, no actually I have been very crazy this year. I would like a motorcycle and a cell phone. In my house I want a bowling alley and a flat screen TV in my room. Brian and Ashley want waterbeds and cell phones. Are Vixen and Comet always crazy? Watch out for my dog. He gets hyper when people come to my house. Santa, do you put pillows in your shirt to make you look fat? Santa, thank you for making the Christmas spirit. P.S. I don’t have a chimney, and if you are too loud the cows will get scared out of the pen and get lost.

Kendall Hiebert

How are you doing? Do you have any brothers or sisters and who’s your mom and dad? Do you have any pets besides reindeer? Now you need to know how I’ve acted this year. Most of the time I’m nice, other times I’m funny, and some times I’m mean. For Christmas, I want a Nintendo DSi, new bike, MP3 Player, and a Red Ryder BB gun. My sisters would like Barbie dolls, my brother hopes for a toy tractor. Dad wants a vehicle called a Hummer, and bring Mom a Ferrari. You need to know that I don’t have a chimney so use the back door. This year I will leave you carrots.

Nathan Impson

I’ve been pretty good this year at school. I’ll give you one slice of pizza and milk. How much do you weigh? Do you weigh 200 pounds? My house is a green color. I have a three-car garage with a chimney, but do not go down it because you will get stuck. I would like an Airsoft gun, trampoline, Nintendo DS games, and Playstation games. Not to be rude, but do you know 9 times 9? I do. Let’s just say this. Do you now your math facts? Are you strong, fast, and tall, thin? I think my brother wants a remote control car. My favorite reindeer is Comet. I think my brother likes Comet, too. Thank you, Santa for all the gifts in the past years.

Drew Lindeman

How often do you have to make a new suit? Does Mrs. Claus wrap the presents? I have been great this year but maybe just a little greedy, though. I still expect more presents than usual. I would like an iPod Touch, a DSi, a Webkinz, and an American Girl doll. For Benjamin, well he broke his whoopee cushion so you can get him a new one. My chimney is thinner than a cat so I recommend using the upstairs door. I really like Vixen. He looks gentle and very cool. This year I will leave you two cookies because you need to go on a diet. How is it living at the North Pole? Why don’t you ever wear pants instead of a robe? Thank you for all the presents.

Stephany Meyer

Do you like going all around the world at Christmas time? I’ve been happy and nice this year. I think I should get extra presents this year, because I really didn’t want to get braces, but I did it anyway. Do you think I should? Please bring some Floam for my sister, a pillow for my mom, and a new tool belt for my dad. I would like some good books, a subscription to American Girl, and a bean bag. On your way to my house, look for fields of prairie grass, one cat, and tons of chickens. This year I might leave you some brownies, and if I do, they will be super good. How are you? How are your reindeer? Thank you for coming every year, and making that long journey from the North Pole. Merry Christmas. P.S. Look out. The chimney might be hot. Our chimney is kind of weird, so it might be a little hard to get in. If you can’t get in, just use the front door.

Edel Miller

My behavior was excellent this year. This Christmas I want an American Girl doll named Kit. I also want a robot unless you are willing to do my homework. I want my dad to have a horse. Does Mrs. Claus have a headache again? I will leave apples for you this year so you can lose some weight. But watch out, scaredy cat. I have a dog and a cat that bites. I know Rudolf is in the back of the sleigh, right? Do you ever clean your beard? I think it might get dirty. If your house is messy, I could come vacuum it for you, or clean the bathroom. Anything to get more presents or some extra cookies. I have never been to the North Pole before, and I am sure your house is filled with hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. I think the North Pole is like an extra Earth. Thank you for all the presents.

Julianna Schrag

This year I’ve been awesome, incredible, sweet, and nice to my sister. OK, to lay off the fat I will give you some carrots and dip. Are you really fat? Please tell me. I’m not meaning to be rude, but that’s just the way it is. Does Comet really clean your bathroom? Santa do you have any kids? I want a Barbie camper, three-story Barbie house (the new one), iPod, and a Nintendo DSI. My house is the first one into the country. It is blue. My sister wants an iPod Nano, a sassy Barbie doll that has over one hundred poses, and a remote control Barbie car.

Hailey Shipp

How much do the reindeer weigh? Do you ride in a jet? How do all those presents get in one bag? I’ve been good, but my sister is really mean. Have you been good? I wish my presents would be Transformers, Bakugan, and even an iPod. I want to get my grandpa a toolbox and my grandma a candle and a book. I will give you a special key like always. Make sure you remember that there is no chimney. Is Rudolf real and are the reindeer still sick? I know you are fat so I’ll give you tomato juice and a cucumber this year to help you slim down. Santa, are you real? Thank you for all the presents.

Christopher Strecker

How is your wife doing? How are probably 100 of the elves doing? Now let’s hear about your behavior. Was it good or bad? Now my behavior was not as good as yours. I know that for a fact. My Christmas list is an Easy-Bake Oven, clothes, Pollys, Barbies, science books, and lots of CDs. Watch out my dog will bite, and my cats will scratch. My house is in the country. My favorite reindeer is Rudolph, because he is cute. I will leave you cookies, pop, and that’s all. Do you shave? Thank you for everything.

Audessi Unruh

Do you take Mrs. Claus with you? Do you have more pets than reindeer? Do you have kids or cousins? I have been goofy, silly, crazy, awesome, cool, and super duper COOL. I wish I could get a doll, dollhouse, a dog, and more stuff like that. My brother wants a play car. I wish for my baby sister a baby doll and a stuffed animal. My mom would like an MP3 player and bring dad a pillow. Beware, we have a cat. If you do not wash your hands, he will bite you. My house color is tan with the pretty Christmas tree. I will get you cookies and milk. How many elves do you have? How many toys do the elves make? For snacks, I will get you green and red cookies and milk. Do you wear that red coat and red pants all the time? How many houses do you go to? Thank you for bringing the presents for us. Thank you, Santa Claus. I hope you have a Merry Christmas

Savanna Wuest

I have been good this year. I was nice to my grandpa and grandma, but not to my sister.

I’m wishing for you to bring me a Nintendo DS and a housemaid. I wish for my puppy a leash and a dog bed. When you get to our house, do not pick up the white, brown, and black dog. He may make a mess on you. You will know when you get to our house because we have a long driveway. Some questions I want to ask you are, when did you notice that Rudolph’s nose glowed and when were you born? Do you ever get stuck in chimneys? Why do you have a fat belly? This year I think I will leave you carrots and vegetables to lose some weight. Thank you for my dog, Cutie.

Malachi Lewis

How is the North Pole? How are Rudolf and the other reindeer? How is Mrs. Claus? How much do you weigh? I would like an MP3, car, DSi, Hot Wheels, and Lamborghini. I have been fantastic. Give my sister clothes, my brothers toy guns, cars, sleighs, reindeer, an elf, and a Dodge truck. I will give you pizza, pop, cookies, and milk. How is your broken leg? I saw you fall off my neighbor’s roof last year, that’s how I know you hurt it. Does Rudolf have a red nose? What are the reindeers’ names? I live in the country, and my house is white and gray. It has a chimney. Thank you for the presents.

David Simington

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