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A capital idea

To the editor:

In the Oct. 12 issue of the Marion County Record, an editorial titled “It’s time to shape the future” offered “a few random ideas along with an invitation to contribute more in the form of letters to the editor.”

I’d specifically like to respond to the part subtitled “Local ownership of businesses.”

The Building Center is trying something new to us with regard to raising capital and funds to grow our business, and we think it might be of interest to prospective local investors as well as other local businesses.

As of Monday night, we officially launched on On the first page of its website, Microventures declares “venture capital investing for everyone.”

The minimum investment is $100. The maximum depends on the type of investor you are.

If you own a business or are planning to start a business and would like to know more, also let me know.

John Wheeler, Marion

Last modified Nov. 10, 2022