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A need for manners

To the editor:

We have traveled a lot of miles over the area with a lot of different modes of transportation, from horses to gasoline and steam engines.

I have had wonderful relations with citizens and customers. Some who could not pay us offered barter. A milk cow was once offered to, and accepted by, my family.

What I am trying to bring out is the lack of care, concern, or assistance in recent years.

There are people who would rather hinder you than help. They show no respect for a man or woman regardless of age. The way I have seen young men talk a scream at women over road incidents, I wonder if this does something for their self-esteem.

They could be offering to help, not just to pretty girls, but also grandmas. Not that there aren’t a lot of pretty grandmas.

Grandmas have feelings. Treat them like you want yours treated.

These later generations are out to condemn others and raise their own image instead of helping and praising others.

A little chivalry could be exhibited. Even Boy Scouts of America are failing or have failed teaching respect and decency to the young troops in their care.

The use of four letter words does not exemplify your education or instill fear in others.

Think before you elect to become rude and you might see life in a different light.

A word to hot-headed people, if you live respectfully, you may become old also.

Avoiding road rage is another place where a little courtesy should be employed. An older or prudent driver obeying the speed limit and laws of the road is looked upon as a stupid, ignorant person incapable of handling a vehicle.

The insurance companies know who is capable!

Joe Zinn, Marion

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