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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Beware of career politicians

To the editor:

It is apparent that Kansans now must fight against not only the left but establishment Republicans and the Republican National Committee. Pat Roberts’ ads against Milton Wolf actually made me feel that they are coming from the left. But not so, this is the Republican elite.

I’ve voted for Pat Roberts always, but in recent years I’ve written several letters to him encouraging retirement and requesting his help in recruiting a good conservative replacement. Obviously he does not want to give up his power.

Our founders created a republic with the idea of common people serving for a short time and returning to their normal job. Now we have professional politicians. They’ve voted themselves incredible benefits, and we are just sitting by letting it happen.

Republicans, not Democrats, are doing their best, spending money we have donated, to slaughter a really good conservative, and I don’t like it. The Washington elite, D or R, all want the same basic things, and they don’t want to follow the Constitution or control the size of government or spending. I believe Dr. Wolf will at least put up a fight for we the people as opposed to working for compromise and deal making; Pat Roberts has done that for years and what has it accomplished?

Viewing his attack ads make me embarrassed that I ever supported Pat Roberts; I will vote for anyone, any party opposing him.

Charlie Dannenfelser, Florence

Last modified March 6, 2014