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to the editor

Candidate takes Free Press endorsement to task

To the editor:

I am disappointed with the editorial in the Nov. 1 Hillsboro Free Press supporting Lou Thurston for Hillsboro mayor.

I am disappointed because of:

  • The attack nature of this editorial.
  • Implications about my credentials that are rearranged to fit the agenda of the writer.
  • Implications about the veracity of my actions, words and credibility.
  • Timing of this article with its intent to damage just before the election.

The Free Press has the freedom to support any candidate, but I think a small town newspaper must maintain objectivity.

Throughout this campaign, my election committee and I have listened and positively spoken with people to attract voters with new ideas mixed with a long time understanding of Hillsboro.

We have refrained from negative comments about Lou and will continue this policy and only address what is inaccurate and misrepresented in this editorial.

It is false that I have not contributed to the Hillsboro community because I am never here.

To set the record straight, I have done the following:

  • Made significant financial business and home investments which have provided 20-plus jobs for residents and made large purchases from local stores.
  • Have had a farming business in Hillsboro since the 1980s.
  • As a business professor at Tabor, I placed college interns into our local businesses, which supported both businesses and students.
  • Brought dozens of Tabor students downtown to learn from our business owners.
  • Been a member of the Hillsboro Chamber, making presentations and interacted with our local business leadership.
  • Freely gave support to local businesses based on my experience.
  • Active in two churches, participating in charities.

In deciding to run for mayor, I made a commitment to do all that is required and more to benefit my hometown.

False impressions in the editorial include:

  • I am only a big corporate type. My clients were the best corporations in the world, but I am an award-winning entrepreneur and manager. Why is my core strength that will help Hillsboro business negated?
  • I can’t collaborate because I don’t understand. Proven collaboration skills are always applicable in other situations.
  • My experience doesn’t count because I haven’t done my time in Hillsboro. I have a Tabor College Alumni Merit Award for my life achievements. Those achievements can help Hillsboro achieve.
  • I am running for self-interest. I have no agenda except to make the home of my family of four generations a better place. A group of residents thought Hillsboro needed my experience and drafted me. When I made the commitment to run, I became totally committed to do a good job.
  • I am not known by the community. This is nonsense. I have talked to hundreds of Hillsboro residents about their concerns walking around Hillsboro during this campaign. I have had an active social life in Hillsboro for the last three decades and have dozens of close friendships, as well as those relationships from years at Hillsboro High and Tabor College.

I hope that Hillsboro residents realize that we cannot go on as we have before. We need to apply the best of ourselves to new ideas and new ways of doing business. I can do that.

Charlotte Kennedy Takahashi
Hillsboro mayoral candidate

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