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to the editor

Christmas cactus

To the editor:

I so enjoyed “Dodging the Christmas Cactus” by Pat Wick. It brought back many wonderful memories.

My mother always had a huge Christmas cactus sitting in our living room during the Christmas season — actually, all winter long. It was full of beautiful blooms.

She had it planted in the bottom of an old pot-belly stove that required dad’s involvement helping her carry it outdoors for the summer and then back indoors for the winter.

When mom died in spring of 2002, she had a tiny Christmas cactus sitting on her dining table, and it had just a few blooms on it. Rather than dodging the Christmas cactus, I took it home with me and came to find out it always bloomed during both Easter and Christmas season! Not only did it have charm, but I would also say it was very magical to see it full of blooms!

I gave the cactus to my daughter to care for and to enjoy when we started our yearly travels of the USA by motorhome. She phoned me the first Christmas after she received it all excited because it was just covered in blooms!

Pat, I sincerely hope that you will enjoy your Christmas cactus for many years to come. Wishing Pat and everyone a very Merry Christmas and especially peace and happiness in the New Year.

(Pecinovsky) Blankenship

Last modified Dec. 29, 2016