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‘Fringe’ responds

To the editor:

The first thing we will say is that your editorial, in our opinion, was asinine and totally disrespectful to the county commissioners who did not vote the way you felt they should vote.

They, we feel, voted their conscience and took into consideration how voters had expressed their opinions on the mask mandate. Your insult about their “shriveled-up” brains and other unkind remarks were totally uncalled for to make a point about masks.

You calling the ministers in Marion County and other “fringe” citizens that choose to exercise their constitutional rights, in a roundabout way “Hitler” is absolutely absurd and a clear-cut insult to most Americans.

Just because a person doesn’t agree with your inflated opinion on a certain subject does not make them evil, ignorant or uninformed. It simply means they have formed a different opinion than yours, which is allowed.

You, sir, have a very high opinion of yourself and seem to get pleasure from denigrating others whose opinions differ from yours.

Being in the “fringe” group we will not be renewing our subscription to the Marion County Record newspaper and urge other “fringe” citizens to do the same.

We have always thought that reporting was meant to be objective and portray issues and events in a neutral and unbiased manner regardless of the writer’s opinion or personal beliefs.

Chuck and Gloria Seifert
“Militant fringe citizens”

Last modified Nov. 25, 2020