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Fuel prices

To the editor:

An article last week quotes Gas Buddy’s expert as saying high gas prices are from reduced refining capacity before COVID and pent-up demand for travel post-COVID.

Ah, what would we do without COVID for an excuse for about anything?

What about abysmal federal energy policy — canceling pipelines and shutting down permits to drill on federal land, then going crawling to Saudi Arabia, a known human rights violator, to crank up the production?

If Russia was not embargoed, we could go to our world rival, Russia, to bail us out. All of which, of course, clobbers our balance of payments picture.

Why, why, why would we not want to use all measures possible to be energy self-sufficient (which we were fairly recently) and not have to rely (at great expense) on bad actors in the world to keep the American wheels turning?

Steve Schmidt, Hesston

Last modified June 16, 2022